August 20, 2017

Happy 11 YEARS in France to MOI!!


Where does the time fly to? Where have all the years gone? I can say, it went.. Well.. NOT fast, not slow.. It just went.. And 11 years have passed today since I have been living happily here in LA FRANCE!!

To celebrate my 11th French-a-versary... Alex and I went to the beautiful park, Ile Saint Germain.. and went around looking for shiny Pikachus.. We have been doing this for the past few days now... Working on catching the 300 Pikas required for a GOLD MEDAL... We are less than 50 shy of the 300! 

It is a BEAUTIFUL park... I think it is my new FAV Paris park.. The weather over the past month has been very Fall-like.. With rainy and gray days with really cool temps... It beats our normal Aug weather which is normally in the 90s to 100s.. This is much better..

After we finished in the park... I took the T2 to La Défense.. A 35ish minute ride on a nice new tram.. Lovely way to get to the mall...


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