August 24, 2016

INDSIDER PARIS, the WAY to go for your ease of getting around and getting along in Paris! Three thumbs up!

Hey Everyone!

I just stumbled upon an EXCELLENT website, excellent reference for Paris stay/visit, and lots of helpful and important information!

So, please take some time to check out INSIDER PARIS! It is your 'connection' to the 'real Paris,' to feel like an 'insider,' and blend in... that is pretty cool, to have the inside 'scoop!' Okay, so here it is...
You can rent a smart phone from them, pick up and drop off when you are done... free wifi hotspots all over Paris, unlimited local calls and call forwarding, 4 G data... you can stay connected all over France! This is so ideal for people who come over, not having to deal with a prepaid SIM card, no overseas numbers to deal with.. JUST France! And, perfectly IDEAL if you come with someone or others, so that you are all connected and can stay in contact with one another during your trip. Super easy and practical! I think this service is a great concept and I am going to tell all my friends about it..

Please check out their website for prices and then check out the other things they write about, all very informative and interesting!  There is a very important section on how to avoid scams in Paris.

While doing so, also check out my friend Chris's OUTSTANDING Youtube site  called SAFETY SCOUTS, which offers two minute videos about all the major scams and tourist traps! Your aim is to enjoy your trip to its fullest, and it is important NOT to get scammed or pickpocketed!

Stay Safe and Enjoy Paris!

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