August 20, 2015

Happy Anniversary #9

An Anniversary, it's like a birthday, n'est-ce pas?

Happpppy Anniversary/French Birthday to me!

Yesterday, I celebrated my 9 year anniversary of living in France!
France is 'home' to me now.. I am not really an ex-pat, perse, I am a foreigner, but I don't really feel like an 'outsider' any longer... I am pretty much 'fully intergrated' into French culture, and the way I act and think now, are more 'French,' than 'American.'  That said, I have a much more 'Euopean' sense about me, than an American one.. that is for sure! 

I am happy because I have made so many wonderful friends here, and made a great life for myself here with my wonderful hubby!   I am pretty much a self-made woman here, and I have added a lot to my life, which I would have never imagined if I were still living in the States..

I have an appt in two months to turn in all my naturalisation paperwork, and will be happy and proud when I become a  French Citizen!!

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