July 28, 2015

Prayer's to an Ex-Friend in the UK, who is turning the page...

I'm not really one to post much about my personal issues here, but since this is my personal blog, I thought I'd let something loose...

Certain people cannot handle the fact that I am the way I am, fine when I am conforming, but as soon as I deviate from that, people don't know what to think... At least... people who don't know me as I am..

I am from L.A., Hollywood to be exact, where people in my day were very outgoing and carefree. Part of being from Hollywood, means you are just a little 'off,' 'off the beaten track,' where being different means being unique... Not necessarily a negative, mind you..

Anyhow, I learned a lot from my family, especially from my Dad and Uncle, who talked to everyone, who always made new friends of strangers... I am exactly like that, and I love the way my outgoing and very extraverted personality has made me many wonderful friends..

Of course you cannot be friends with the world, and eventually, you are bond to be 'unfriends' with some.... which was the case with me and a very close circle of expat friends I had for around 5 years... they were all American, including one Brit..
Anyhow, as life goes, we were no longer friends... yet, I always thought about them in the back of my mind and wished them all well... I mean, I harbour no bad feelings towards people, even though they all gave me a very nice reason to curse them all.. Nope, I am not like that.. I forgive and well, not forget... Yet, I have nothing to do with them and that is fine by me.. though I do miss the times we all had together as friends....

Well, quite recently... one of those ex 'friends,' wrote about something of a personal nature on her blog, and I happened to be checking out blogs on that day, so I saw her post, as I still have her blog listed on my blogroll, and I do check in from time to time so see her blog...
Anyhow, I felt moved to write her a comment in support, though we are no longer friends... and her in particular, who had reached out to me to apologise and we had become friends for a short time after that, only to become unfriends again, when I realised she was not at all sincere..

So, I see that she is having some life changing issues and because I wrote something on her blog, I think she realised that even though we are not friends, I still check her blog... Maybe she did not want me to know about her struggles, not sure.. But anyhow, harbouring no hard feelings, I offered my moral support and thoughts...  Checking again some few days later... I see she has removed the post, and I cannot help but wonder... Did she do this because of my comment?!! I guess I will never know...
But, I thought, since I was trying to be sincere, and maybe she did not wish for me to know about her private life.. OOOPS! Well, yes, your blog is an open book for everyone to read!

Anyhow, I feel bad, because I really wish the best for her and I know that she will be okay, in the end... From what I knew about this issue from years ago, it seems like it was just a matter of time.. So, I think, she is now in a better place. That is just my opinion.. I cannot put myself in her place and know how her heart is hearting.. but, I think she will finally find some peace and be happy.

So, I say this prayer, to my ex-friend in the UK.. I pray that you find peace in your new life and I pray that all of those around you will give you friendship and the moral support you need in order to move on... I pray all of this in Jesus' name.. And I know that God will watch over you.. He has plans for you, even if it is hard to imagine now.... He will reveal his plans for you.. I pray for you to open your heart to this..

I would like everyone who has faith in whatever it is, to send your prayers to my ex-friend,  'A.'

Thank you.

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