April 19, 2015

Delices de Fatima in Antony

The Delices de Fatima Bakery in Antony is truly one of a kind here in our neighbourhood.  Fatima is from Tunsia and offers a wide array of beautiful and very delicious traditional cakes and pastries from her country.  There are so many different types and they  are all so delicious,  it is really hard to choose which ones to get, so it is better to try a sample box and choose a few different types, and then just keep coming back until you have tried all of them. At that point, you might be able to better decide which ones are your favourites.  You also have the option of sitting down outside and having a cake and a cup of delicious mint tea!
I recommend that everyone come over and try these delicious cakes!
Delices de Fatima
11 AV du Pdt J F Kennedy91300 MassyFrance

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