June 6, 2014


                                    JOUR J: L'EMBARQUEMENT/ JOUR J: THE EMBARKMENT

Débarquement du 6 juin '44 : Le monde entier retient son souffle.
The Debarquement of June 6 1944, as the entire world holds their breath.
The Allied Forces; American, British, Canadian sent the forces by air and sea... landing on the beaches of Normandy, France to help defeat Hilter's army and to defeat Germany in the Second World War.
This Memorable Day in History is marked by the loss of lives of both military and civilians, entire villages and towns destroyed in Normandy, between 80- 90% of these towns being completely destroyed and devastated by bombs.
A VERY SAD day in history of the loss of lives, but at the same time, the mark of the VICTORY of the War, wherein France and the rest of Europe was freed from Hitler's evil hold.
I give thanks to our ALLIES and brave soldiers of all nationalities... who helped save France and to rid the world of this EVIL POWER!