January 27, 2014

Best Friend in Paris!

Everyone needs a best friend, especially when you're traveling in a foreign country where you don't know the ropes and have limited time to learn!

Donna Morris, "best friend," is certainly not your typical 'tour guide.'  She's not a concierge, she doesn't spend time recounting French history or take you around town in a large group on a tour bus....

Donna takes you around the enchanting city of Paris, on foot... on public transport, showing you places you wouldn't find on your own, the 'local' spots... or as I like to say, "the hidden treasures," as well as the well-known monuments.  She has been living in Paris as long as I have been here in France, that's almost 8 years... and has extensive knowledge about and experience in our City of Light.

It's so refreshing to tour around with someone who can show you all the great spots, who can share a coffee or glass of wine with you... or stop for lunch at a cute little cafe or bistrot.

Donna speaks French fluently and knows her way inside and out around Paris.  She is originally from Texas, grew up in North Carolina, and has lived in several different States in the U.S. She moved to France in 2006, and has been living happily in the 8th Arrondissement in Paris, where she continues to live her days discovering new corners of Paris, dining with friends and riding her bike through the Bois de Bologne.

Donna is an excellent choice for finding your way around Paris, and seeing a side of the city from a 'local' perspective.

Please click here to view her website and to contact Donna for more information: BEST FRIEND IN PARIS: