September 29, 2013

Venezia.. FUN FUN FUN! A MUST see when in Italy!

  Some travel pics!

Seriously... THE BEST coffee in the WORLD!
Italian coffee, in Italy!

We took a BOAT to get to the airport from Venice!
I was hitch hiking! hahaha 
The yellow boat was ours... 1 hour 10 minutes to get
get to the airport from where we were staying.

What would Venice be WITHOUT gondolas?!!

Alex looking, tan and well-rested after our 3 week 
holiday in Italy!  Both of us, a few kilos de plus!

A typical 'street' in Venice!  This one is a bit wider than 
the ones in the city center!

Me in Tree!  

(Notice the nice looking YACHT in the background!!!)

Italia.... I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Just got back from a late summer holiday in ITALIA!!!

Alex and I spent three glorious weeks filled with SUN, HEAT, PIZZA, PASTA, GELATO, GOOD SIGHTS ALL AROUND and MOSTTTTTT IMPORTANT-- GREAT, no FANTASTICO caffè!

Italian coffee has to be the BEST in the WORLD!  I'm convinced!

We started off in the beginning of the Sept, the 2nd to be exact and came back on the 24th.

Here is where we went:

Roma          4 days
Sorrento      3 days -- stayed in Agnello visited Sorrento, Positano, and Pompei

Lucca          2 days

Cinque Terre  6 days - Stayed in Manarola and went by train/boat/walking to the neighbouring towns,
                                     from Monterosso, we went by boat to Portvenere.

Florence         5 days with a day side trip to Siena

Venice            3 days

Did LOTSSSS of stuff, ate lots of great food... and I'll give names of places we stayed, good tips, reviews and other important info, in case you're traveling to Italy!