January 1, 2013

Going ZEN in 2013... SOUL SEARCHING!


I am honestly HAPPY to ring in a BRAND NEW YEAR today.. HONESTLY, these past two years have been the most challenging ones I've passed through since my mom was sick and departed in 2005!

I am soo grateful for my dear friends and my hubby who have helped me get through this very difficult and transitional time.. I don't know what I would have done without all the moral support I got from everyone.

Over the past few months... I have decided to make some big changes in my life, in my physche' and to  do a realllly thorough cleaning-  my spiritual house and my heart, in particular... so that I can really be
content, happy and at peace with my life.

So, I will take the New Year and make it mine- and I will start my mission today- as it's the first day of the New Year.. to devote time to be more Zen and peaceful.  To live in the moment, in the NOW and to utilize my inner strength to get things accomplished throughout my day.

I am grateful.  I express my gratitude to a positive energy force that is bubbling up within me and I am ready!

So, as we start a New Year--- I wish you all much PEACE and HARMONY in your hearts, in your lives.... as you go out in your day....   May this NEW YEAR bring you what you need to be strong and full of LOVE.


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American in Norway said...

Sounds like me... trying to find a little peace & calm this year. I hope you have a peaceful, fantastic 2013!