December 9, 2013

Birthdays GALOUR!!!!

  Today is the 48th B-Day of my dear, sweet hubby, Alex!  I forgot to post on my b-day, which was on 28th Nov... but no worries...

SAGGS ROCK!!!  Most of my closest friends are saggs.. We're just cool like that!



December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela.... One of the LAST GREAT MEN....

Last night, Nelson Mandela, fondly nicknamed, Mandiba, departed.   He lived from 1918- 2013, nearly one hundred years of life on this earth.

For me, Nelson Mandela was a great leader, a great man... one of the last of his kind! He fought for democracy and equality in a country where those did not exist, and was held as a prisoner for high treason, incarcerated for 27 years because of his strong convictions.  Years later, he was elected President of this very same country!  He made so many positive changes for South Africa.  He did not give up fighting for what he believed in.

I tear up when I think of his greatness, because he, along with Martin Luther King Junior, are the only two men I can think of who made it their life's mission to fight for equality.  I don't think the world will see another like Mandela, at least NOT in my lifetime.

Nelson Mandela, you have done so much for us.  Thank you for believing in humanity and for never giving up!  For believing so much in this that you made it your life's mission.  You have helped so many millions of people around the world.

You light will never go out!  You will be remembered throughout history and  your legacy will live on!

God bless you, Nelson Mandela and may you finally rest in peace.


"I dedicate today to Neslson 'Mandiba' Mandela. 1918- 2013. A man of the the world, a man dedicated to this world. There will be no other like him. His GREATNESS will never fade or be forgotten. For me, this man represented freedom, equality and democracy. He fought his entire life for it... and fought hard! GOD BLESS YOU, Mr. Mandela. I am in morning and weeping with the people of this world who are so sad to see you go... 
But, I believe it was your time, and you are at PEACE now. 
Godspeed to you, Mr. Mandela. We will try to continue in your name, to fight for justice and equality..."     --- Leesa M. Garcia, c. 2013

**Photo courtesy of the internet.

October 31, 2013

Happpppy Halloween Everyone!

Just got back from a week in GLORIOUS and HOT/SUNNY Barcelona!

What a FANTASTICO holiday I had ... very fun, relaxing and full of biking ALL over the place! I fell head over heals with this beautiful and dynamic city! I just LOVE Spain!  Really reminded me of San Diego, and of Southern California! I was great to speak Spanish again, too!

I'll post some pics.. Just wanted to let you all know I'm back safe and sound and wish you all a very

Happppy and Safe Halloween!


September 29, 2013

Venezia.. FUN FUN FUN! A MUST see when in Italy!

  Some travel pics!

Seriously... THE BEST coffee in the WORLD!
Italian coffee, in Italy!

We took a BOAT to get to the airport from Venice!
I was hitch hiking! hahaha 
The yellow boat was ours... 1 hour 10 minutes to get
get to the airport from where we were staying.

What would Venice be WITHOUT gondolas?!!

Alex looking, tan and well-rested after our 3 week 
holiday in Italy!  Both of us, a few kilos de plus!

A typical 'street' in Venice!  This one is a bit wider than 
the ones in the city center!

Me in Tree!  

(Notice the nice looking YACHT in the background!!!)

Italia.... I LOVE YOU!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Just got back from a late summer holiday in ITALIA!!!

Alex and I spent three glorious weeks filled with SUN, HEAT, PIZZA, PASTA, GELATO, GOOD SIGHTS ALL AROUND and MOSTTTTTT IMPORTANT-- GREAT, no FANTASTICO caffè!

Italian coffee has to be the BEST in the WORLD!  I'm convinced!

We started off in the beginning of the Sept, the 2nd to be exact and came back on the 24th.

Here is where we went:

Roma          4 days
Sorrento      3 days -- stayed in Agnello visited Sorrento, Positano, and Pompei

Lucca          2 days

Cinque Terre  6 days - Stayed in Manarola and went by train/boat/walking to the neighbouring towns,
                                     from Monterosso, we went by boat to Portvenere.

Florence         5 days with a day side trip to Siena

Venice            3 days

Did LOTSSSS of stuff, ate lots of great food... and I'll give names of places we stayed, good tips, reviews and other important info, in case you're traveling to Italy!

August 20, 2013


Yesterday, 19 August... marked 7 years that I have been living in France!  

WOW!! Time sure flies, doesn't it?!  

August 10, 2013

Re Do....

We're SMACK dab in the middle of re-doing our kitchen... and it really feels like an eternity!  It's a very SLOOOOWWWWWW moving project, I think mostly because Alex works til late and the days have been hot.. At any rate.. Life is a bit 'on hold' at the moment...

Some ideas for kitchens...  from the internet.. We're going with IKEA... Already have things decided and where things will go.. It's fun.. Can't wait til it's all done and finished!

July 29, 2013

Nassi's B-day at the gym and raspberry cheesecake.. YUM!

Nassima is an amazing and very beautiful young woman who works at my gym!  She is one of the sweetest and kindest people I know.  I wanted to do something nice for her and show her how much I appreciate her so I organized a little get together at the gym with some fellow gym friends... It turned out to be a fun party and I wish Nassima all the best of everything!

Happy Birthday, Nassi!  We love you!