December 3, 2012


I just found this blog "PEPPER VINTAGE"  this morning and loved this post... "10 Things that make me Smile." So, I decided to write a post about 10 things that make me smile, too...  I noticed that the author of the blog, Christine, and I have a lot in common!

First up!

1. COFFEE --- Coffee, no matter what time of the day - and it has to be REALLLY good coffee, too!

The funny thing is that I live in a country that is renowned for good coffee, yet; it's not EVERYWHERE I go in Paris, where I find good coffee... It's always fun to hunt for the "perfect" cup of coffee! 

2. French people carrying the baguettes - No matter what day or what time of day, but especially around lunch time, you will see the people walking around with their baguettes, usually tucked under their arm, and perhaps biting off the end as they are walking.  Whenever I see people walking around with the baguettes, it makes me smile, and sometimes laugh... because it's soo exclusively French! I have been to many different countries, but France is the only country I've been to where people walk around with their daily bread and nibble as they go! The problem with nibbling on your baguette, especially if it's hot out of the oven, is that there is no guarantee that the bread will make it home!

3. Kids and babies!    Kids are sooo cute, they make me smile.  They say and do the funniest things and they are so candid and real!  

4. SUNSHINE!  Sunshine is one of the things I need most in my life. Plus blue skies.  I am from California, Southern California- the LAND OF ETERNAL SUNSHINE! So, it's only normal for me to want and crave sunshine.  It puts me in a happy, sing-songy mood and I smile all day long when the sun is shining!  Long live the SUNSHINE! 

5. PINK!!!  Need I say more?! Anything pink perks me up and makes me happy. Pink IS "HAPPY"! 

6. Smiley faces and Friendly people... Nothing makes me smile more than when someone smiles at me first!  It just makes me day soooo much brighter!!  SMILES ROCK!!!

7. MUSIC!  Music makes me SMILE and come alive!  I LOVE Music!!!!  Music is the LAUGHTER of the SOUL!  Laughter is the Music of the Soul. 

8.  Cupcakes and any type of cake or pastry or pie that is BEAUTIFUL! YUMMMM! It makes me smile!

9. Thinking about California.... makes me smile!  I miss my sunny city in So. Cal.... EVERYTHING about it and especially my friends! 

10. Dance!    Whenever I dance, I smile... it makes me feel soooo good to dance and move around while listening to my favourite music! 

Well, there you have it! The top ten things that make me smile!  What makes you smile? It's such a great topic for a blog post.... if you have time, do it.. And drop me a line with the link so I can check it out.. 



Ksam said...

Hey Leese, hope you're feeling better by now!

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa, this is such a wonderful cheerful, happy post , I love it, and reading the list make me smile too ... I am with you on the "baguette" makes me smile to when I see the man with a briefcase and his wrapped baguettes , taking them home xx

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

A happy list Leesa :)