November 8, 2012

I may have been broken.... but I'm still BEAUTIFUL

Teresa (The Road to ME) on Facebook wrote this..  It really hits home... 

I've been there...rock bottom, the darkest place imaginable. A place where I didn't even want to know myself, look at myself, see myself.
Really didn't like the person I was.

In the past year I've been slowly rebuilding myself...little bit
by little bit, that mosaic we spoke of, the 1000,000 piece jigsaw... am slowly picking up the pieces and I'm really starting to like what I see.

Others always have liked me... mostly :)
It has been me, a self loathing that has taken me quite some time to recover from.

The road to ME....the journey to me, the NEW me, and the people, and places and discoveries I have made, and am STILL making...they have all helped to SHOW me,

That yes, though I have been broken...

I'm still worthy, useful, and by damn...YES

Photos taken from Teresa's FB page, The road to ME

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