November 26, 2012

Celebrating MANDA!

The Beautiful and Talented Manda Djinn Loisin

Manda singing at the Swann Bar in Montparnasse

Me n' Manda together in Montparnasse.... 

It was one year ago that my dear and cherished friend, Manda Djinn Loison, said good bye.

Her sudden and unexpected passing came at a time when I had already lost two friends the previous month and the news of her passing really hit me hard. Two days after Thanksgiving.. and a few days just before the anniversary of my Mom's passing...

Manda was a dear friend of mine. She was my first American friend in Paris, in fact. We met on Myspace, of all places... and became real life friends soon afterwards.  She was a ray of bright and beautiful sunshine in my life.  She was a talented jazz and gospel singer with a TRULY AMAZING voice... She had a smile that made you smile ... and a laugh that made you laugh.  She and I spent many a time discussing our lives in Paris as ex-Pats, as well as many other things... I always felt I could be myself around her-- and we made each other laugh and laugh!

I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had her in my life for 5 years.. and I miss her very much.  I feel that her presence is very close to me, and I can often her her voice - talking, singing or laughing - in my mind.   I love you Manda and I miss you dearly!


Andrea said...

Hey L, I know this must be a really sad time for you. Hope you're doing ok. xx

Leesa said...

Heya Andrea!

Thanks for your message. Yep.. It's hard but you know what? This is the first year that my mom's passing hasn't hit me tremendously like the previous years.. and I'm looking at death as a passage now, instead of 'the end' and though I miss those who are gone... It helps that I am celebrating their lives... instead of mourning and grieving.. It really makes a big diff.
Hugs to you.. Leese

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Hi Leesa, yes celebrating someones life is a much better way to look at things.. Thinking of you as it is your birthday very soon -) take care hugs Anne