November 30, 2012


My mom is gone but she's always in my heart. She is not near, yet not far... she lives within me.
Seven years ago today, my mom took her last breaths and left this world. We were all with her and she is at Peace now. I will see here again, one day!

Me and my mom!
I post these pictures to share my wonderful mom with all of you...
My mom was an inspirational woman, a unique individual; full of genuine humor and full of life and love.
Mom sewed her own outfits and was a fashionita of her time-- Pics from the early through mid 60s.
Mom was a beautiful women- her true beauty from inside shone loudly on the outside, as well.

Pics from the 70s up to the 2005.
This is one of my fav. pics of Mom because her smile was the essence of who she was...
Mom left us too early in life, but I don't think one is ever prepared to loss a loved one, no time is a good time... We've continued living our lives as Mom would have wanted us too, but we can't forget this incredible and amazing woman who had a very special way about her- a way that could light up any dark room she walked into...
My Mom! My mom is Louise. My mom is beautiful, loving and kind. My mom is brave, strong and inspirational. My mom is special to me because she gave birth to me on Nov. 28, 1965. She nurtured me and raised me to be the special woman I am today. She supported me, put up with me, listened to me, gave me good advice, and loved me unconditionally. She was always kind and funny!! I LOVE my mom very much....

Dear Mom,
I wanted to let you know how much I miss you and that I think about you all the time... day and night! It's so hard to be without your beautiful smile, loving words, and warm hugs. You live on in my thoughts and in my heart. You are everything to me. You are the best mom EVER and you have always been there for me. I LOVE YOU! 

November 26, 2012

Celebrating MANDA!

The Beautiful and Talented Manda Djinn Loisin

Manda singing at the Swann Bar in Montparnasse

Me n' Manda together in Montparnasse.... 

It was one year ago that my dear and cherished friend, Manda Djinn Loison, said good bye.

Her sudden and unexpected passing came at a time when I had already lost two friends the previous month and the news of her passing really hit me hard. Two days after Thanksgiving.. and a few days just before the anniversary of my Mom's passing...

Manda was a dear friend of mine. She was my first American friend in Paris, in fact. We met on Myspace, of all places... and became real life friends soon afterwards.  She was a ray of bright and beautiful sunshine in my life.  She was a talented jazz and gospel singer with a TRULY AMAZING voice... She had a smile that made you smile ... and a laugh that made you laugh.  She and I spent many a time discussing our lives in Paris as ex-Pats, as well as many other things... I always felt I could be myself around her-- and we made each other laugh and laugh!

I feel very fortunate and blessed to have had her in my life for 5 years.. and I miss her very much.  I feel that her presence is very close to me, and I can often her her voice - talking, singing or laughing - in my mind.   I love you Manda and I miss you dearly!

November 24, 2012

Just desserts!!!

Something pretty to look at after all that food you all gobbled down for Thanksgiving!  Many of you are working on LEFTOVERS--- which, in my opinion, is the SECOND BEST part of Thanksgiving...

It's like saying, "Yeh, it's no longer Thanksgiving, but we've got PLENTY of LEFTOVERS to last a few days after the fact! GOTTA LOVE IT!!

Hope you all made it through the BLACKEST DAY OF THE YEAR!  Did anyone go out and fight the crowds? 

Living in France, there's nothing to celebrate until Christmas comes.. and the big sales are in the month of January.. So, I'd like to hear if you all in the States did anything fun and remarkable.. 

Have a great weekend!

November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Day and MOM!!!

Dear Friends and Fam...


Well, this is my ALL TIME FAV. AMERICAN HOLIDAY because we get time off from work/school to be with the family all day and eat a LOT!!!

Yet, this holiday now brings mixed feelings- It was my MOM'S fav. holiday and she's no longer here in the physical sense.. and so, I can't celebrate with her... and also my family is all spread out now, a little all over the world and so Thanksgiving is no longer the same 'family' holiday it once was!  This is really hard for me.

I have been living in France now for almost 6 1/2 years and have continued to observe and celebrate this wonderful American/Canadian tradition every year... whether with a big group of people or just a few... It's always been fantastic and always PLENTY of food to go around, and then some.

Thanksgiving Day is a very, very special day to me and I would really like to give thanks to my wonderful and loving husband, Alex.... and to all my friends here in France.. I don't know what I'd do without all of them.. except that maybe I'd be in California- instead of here- haha!

I am very, very THANKFUL for my loving and dear family and also all of my cherished friends!

You all have made my life a wonderful so FANTASTIC and have enriched it!  I am just so blessed and fortunate to have you all here- and especially to all of you I have met through blogging here- or whether we haven't actually met in person, I am thankful for all of you!

                                                     Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

**ALL photos and images where taken from the internet.

November 19, 2012

Almost my b-day!

So, my b-day is approaching in just a week and a half and here's is what I asked my hubby for...

It's a reallllly nice fragrance and I am in love with the ads...

Guerlain, La Petite Robe Noire..

November 8, 2012

Live in the moment... in Peace.

I may have been broken.... but I'm still BEAUTIFUL

Teresa (The Road to ME) on Facebook wrote this..  It really hits home... 

I've been there...rock bottom, the darkest place imaginable. A place where I didn't even want to know myself, look at myself, see myself.
Really didn't like the person I was.

In the past year I've been slowly rebuilding myself...little bit
by little bit, that mosaic we spoke of, the 1000,000 piece jigsaw... am slowly picking up the pieces and I'm really starting to like what I see.

Others always have liked me... mostly :)
It has been me, a self loathing that has taken me quite some time to recover from.

The road to ME....the journey to me, the NEW me, and the people, and places and discoveries I have made, and am STILL making...they have all helped to SHOW me,

That yes, though I have been broken...

I'm still worthy, useful, and by damn...YES

Photos taken from Teresa's FB page, The road to ME

ELECTION DAY - Nov. 6, 2012

SOOOO HAPPPY that the DEMOCRATIC PARTY has won the PRESIDENCY this year ....

Regardless of your political views...  Americans all around the world... It's really time to join together and stand UNITED and PROUD!

Wishing you all a FABULOUS DAY!!!!

November 3, 2012

BlogBlast For PEACE November 4, 2012

TODAY is the long awaited for BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE! The day that bloggers all around the blogosphere write about peace and what it means to them personally.

Wikipedia defines PEACE as such: "Peace describes a society or a relationship that is operating harmoniously and without violent conflict. Peace is commonly understood as the absence of hostility, or the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, safety in matters of social or economic welfare, the acknowledgment of equality and fairness in political relationships. In international relations, peacetimeis the absence of any war or conflict."

It's a great notion, isn't it? '

Yet so hard to get it right in this world! I don't understand, and have never understood, for that matter WHY 'peace' is so hard to attain on a universal level-- on a societal level, for that matter? I often ask myself, "Why can't we just all live in peace and harmony, and that's that? No more wars and killing, no more fighting and name calling, no more hostility and anger or vengeance against one another... It makes no sense to me that we have to live in a world were people are mean, disrespectful, apathetic and uncaring towards each other, right?

I don't know if the world is ready for PEACE in totality, but I sure am... and I try to spread my little piece of peace every day as I go out into the world by smiling and greeting people around me.

I think that as we do little things on an individual level, it all works together for the common good and that every step we take in the direction of love, respect, caring, and kindness for our fellow human being next to us, we make a little dent in the dark aspect of all that is negative...
We can let our positive energy flow out and around us to make others smile, to brighten someone's day... to chase all those bad energy vibes far away.

This is how I find peace in my life, in my day... and try to spread it to others around me. I know that I'm not always perfect and the positive vibes are not always rolling off me, but I try! And, for every time I see a smile on someone's face as I walk past them, I know that the world is already becoming a better place, because a sweet smile goes a long way towards finding the PEACE at the other end of the rainbow.
Please think about what I've said here today and as you go out and live your day among those around you, and try to spread a little PEACE around you, too!
Namaste and have a peaceful day!


I'm always so happy when this day comes around because it's a day in the year in our lives where the blogospere is hopping with PEACE!! Peace and Goodwill, Peace all around.. Peace is in the air and under our skin! I can feel it all now!!!

Peace be upon you all...  On this day and every day!

Blogblast for Peace Day is a very important one and I am always striving to get in touch with my own- INNER PEACE, to be AT PEACE within my own skin, so that I can be at PEACE with others around me. 
I find that I am very challenged by others around me and the negative forces and things  I cannot control.. and this year, I'm going to make a very conscious effort to be more ZEN and to get back to the basic core of being peaceful from within-- something my soul has been without for over a year now... Not only was last year a SUPER CHALLENGING one for me, but this one has been, too.. 
So, I am going to really work hard at getting myself back ... to find my 'peace' and to share it with others!!!!!! 

THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR YOU SUPPORT, LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT-- I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for my loved ones- family and friends! Even in times where I have been abandoned by those who I thought were my true friends, I have encountered others in my life who have proved to be there and real for me- and who have accepted me for who I am and without judging me... I appreciate this greatly and I know that people are put in our path and in our life for a reason!

So, in closing- in this very long written post about PEACE on this DAY FOR PEACE, I have shared with all of you a very up close and personal account of how the PEACE that comes from within us is SOOOOO important to have in order to be peaceful with others- to love, respect and appreciate others around us.

HAPPY BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE DAY and thank you Mimi for getting us all together here to join together in PeAcE aNd HaRmOnY!!!!