May 28, 2012

Living In the Moment (Lyrics) - Jason Mraz

One of my FAV JM songs right now.. Such a happy, feel good song!!!


Rock On!!

Rock On!!!!

One month of guitar lessons so far and I'm making progress... learning to read music and learning how to play the guitar.. Cool!!!

It's a GORGEOUS Monday Morning!!!

What a GREAT WAY to start a new week!!!!

Happppppy Monday, Everyone!!!

**Photos taken off the net.

May 22, 2012

Pink Rose at Bercy Village

RER B at Le Guichet...

Mon café du mat... à Paris

Me and Ginette.... for a morning coffee!

Apple Cranberry Spice Muffin Tops.. Made

About to come out of the oven... Smells sooooo D-lish!!!

Made these yesterday and they are THE BOMB!!!!!  

May 21, 2012

London Olympic Gams 2012 - Let the JOURNEY begin...


As the Summer Olympics are approaching quickly, I thought I'd pass along some news of interest regarding a VOLLEYBALL CLINIC, offered by Mizuno, to the player who best showcases his or her journey through a video diary, photograph, or essay.   This clinic will be conducted by a member of the US Volleyball team.

        For more info.. you can go directly to the website --- Mizuno News -- to learn more.

                                                        Let the "Journey" begin....   Also on Facebook here.

Dreaming of THIS....

For Andrea!!! And, me!

**Photo taken off the net (Pintrest)


I decided to get back to easy and simple living so that I can be HAPPPPPPY once again!!!!

Life sometime's throws us out some dousey's but we have to be strong enough to meet them head on and get on with our lives. 

Broma Bakery- Half-way to heaven peanut butter cookies!

So here I am... it's already noon on Monday morn... my day off.  It's been raining all morning now and my plans to explore the Parc de la Bagatelle with Andrea and friends were foiled due to the rain!

Oh well... we'll have to pick up the plans on a sunnier day! In the meantime, I've been spending a quiet and peaceful day at home... just cooking, baking and practicing the guitar! It's been quite lovely, actually...   What are YOU doing today?!!


These look like they are THE BOMB!! I'm going to have to make them sometime soon...

Broma Bakery's recipe for PEANUT BUTTER goodness all packed into a peanut butter sandwich cookie!!!  Even the filling is peanut butter!!

Let me know if you try these... Recipe HERE.