December 11, 2011

In ONE MONTH from now..

In exactly one month from today... we'll be getting on a plane to visit my dad and step mom in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.. A lot of you already know this.. but my step mom is Costa Rican and they have been living there for about 3+ years now.... A nice country to retire in!

So, I do blogging from there HERE (COSTA RICA HERE I COME) and I am posting some pics here that my step mom just sent me from her trip to Panama and then a few others from their place..

Can't wait to go--- to see my family and relax at the beach in the sun!

A cute little green snake in the garden...

My dad and the gazebo being build in their backyard... 

In Panama

Cows resting in Panama


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Lovely photos. You were away most of last winter in Costa Rico if I remember rightly. Good place to be when it is winter here. Diane

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Your annual trip has come round so quickly, another year flown by, have a lovely time.

Leesa said...

Hi there,


Nice to see you here! Hey.. it's been sooo long, hasn't it?! I have to get back into blogging again.. I miss all of you guys from all over!!
I can't wait!!! It will be COLD by then~~

Take care,