November 3, 2011

Blogblast for Peace 2011!!

I'm always so happy when this day comes around because it's a day in the year in our lives where the blogospere is hopping with PEACE!! Peace and Goodwill, Peace all around.. Peace is in the air and under our skin! I can feel it all now!!!

My post is going to talk about "inner peace." Because of life events and things in my mind which have prevented me from finding my peace- and in fact, on a very serious note- I LOST my inner/true peace!! How can we be peaceful with others around us if we do not have peace within ourselves? It comes from within our core and radiates out ... and the positive energy we give out to others comes from the inside!

I have just come out of a two-month struggle to regain my inner-peace and have succeeded! Long live inner-peace! Now, I feel confident that I can go out into the world and give myself truly and sincerely to others. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me feel to 'feel' like myself again, it's been a long and very difficult two months and I am just so blessed and happy that peace has come back into my life again. I have my faith and my friends to thank for that. Dear people who have prayed, sent healing energy, positive energy and light my way in order for me to get back to my 'self!' I have also worked very hard myself to do this- and this includes - acupuncture, mediation, getting away to London (where I feel most at home) and just trying to get past the negative and sad forces that have been holding me down.

THANK YOU ALL OF YOU FOR YOU SUPPORT, LOVE and ENCOURAGEMENT-- I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for my loved ones- family and friends! Even in times where I have been abandoned by those who I thought were my true friends, I have encountered others in my life who have proved to be there and real for me- and who have accepted me for who I am and without judging me... I appreciate this greatly and I know that people are put in our path and in our life for a reason!

So, in closing- in this very long written post about PEACE on this DAY FOR PEACE, I have shared with all of you a very up close and personal account of how the PEACE that comes from within us is SOOOOO important to have in order to be peaceful with others- to love, respect and appreciate others around us.

HAPPY BLOGBLAST FOR PEACE DAY and thank you Mimi for getting us all together here to join together in PeAcE aNd HaRmOnY!!!!



Entertainment said...

its amazing. Cool Blog. Thnx.

Mimi Lenox said...

I'm glad to see you, my friend. I didn't realize you were struggling so. It sounds like you've made quite the comeback. Yoga...I may give it a whirl.

Thank you for being here blogging peace with us today. It means a lot to see your smiling happy face and beautiful peace globe that I've always loved so much.


Travis Cody said...

I'm glad to hear that you have been able to overcome your struggles and regain your inner peace.

Best wishes to you and yours for peace today and for all the days to come!

Annelisa said...

May your regained peace stay with you Leesa, and may you be able to remember you had it, in times of pain, so you can find it again! xx

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