August 14, 2011

Walking in the 'hood!

That's who I am!!!

Me, showing a little 'leg' because it was actually "WARM ENOUGH" to go out in shorts!!!

This coffee at the the hospital's coffee shop is AWESOME!!!

I saw this cute little one at Monoprix and decided it was about far time I got me a Mozi-- Mozi Mozart!!!!!

Here's where I stayed for 6 days!! This hospital is very well known!!!
Summer work on the roads.. They are in the process of building a HUGE rond point on the main street!! WOW!!!

Fall time is approaching-- even as early as 11 August!!!


likeschocolate said...

Love your sandals. Also love when you post yor photos in this format because they are easy to see.

Leesa said...

Thanks so much Likes Chocs.

I agree that it's much easier to see when the pics are posted like this.. Thanks for the feedback!
Have a great week..