August 12, 2011

Thanks for your visits!!!

When I found out I had to have surgery, my FIRST thought was to PARTY HARTY in the hospital - and invite as MANY friends as possible to keep my calendar 'full!'

However, once I was actually IN the hospital and post surgery-- the desire for visitors dropped to 0!! I wasn't really feeling up to seeing anyone my first three days... so I called everyone to tell them NOT to come to see me.. I'm glad I did that, but there were still a few who came by and a few surprise visits, as well!!! It was great to see my friends.. Alex came every day, of course.. but it was also nice to be totally by myself, as well!!!!

Thank you first of all to my wonderful hubby, Alex... who I told to leave on holiday while I was in the hospital.. But, he stayed and came by every day... bringing me things from home that I needed and staying with me for an hour or two each time! I LOVE YOU, HONEY!!!!

Next, was Pierre, my friend who works at the gare in La Hac... I forgot that he said he's stop by, so his visit was a nice surprise.. It was Friday, the day after my surgery.. and I was REALLLLY tired and 'out of it.!

Thuy-Hang, the mom of two of my students, came by on Saturday and brought me a BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers!! Thanks soooo much!!!

On Sunday, I had Isabelle (who I hadn't seen in about a year) - along with a TOTAL surprise visit from Flo and Jean Paul!!

Monday was when I was at my 'BEST'-- that's when Agnes came to visit and I was FULL of energy! She brought me a recipe book of typical dishes from Bretagne, as she had just finished up her holidays there!
Monday evening ... Sophie (Anouk and Nil's mom) stopped by to bring me some gifts from Anouk- two cute metal boxes decorated in Smarties.. and barbapapa syrup! VERY VERY COOL!!

This was the FIRST time I saw actual "sky" during my hospital stay.. but here is the view from my window.. Not too bad, eh.. Along with a beautiful moon!!!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Glad you are well on the road to recovery. Keep well. Diane

Leesa said...

Thanks so much, Diane!!

I'm SUPER GREAT!!! And, since I have about 6 weeks of recovery time.. I'm DEFINTELY going to catch up on my blogging and commenting..
Thanks for stopping by.. Have a great weekend..