August 27, 2011

Steve Jobs
After the Resignation

0826_steve_jobs_02PCNThis picture of Steve Jobs was taken today -- two days after he resigned as the head honcho of Apple.

In his resignation letter, Jobs said, the day finally came when he could no longer perform his duties.

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I have been a loyal Mac user since my first Apple computer back in 1996, but I have been using Mac computers as early as 1990/91 at school for teaching. It breaks my heart to know that this AMAZNINGLY creative and innovative man is slipping away from us. Steve Jobs has changed the face of the earth with his technology and with advances he has made over the years with Apple computers and other products.. God bless you Steve, and thank you- for all the you have given us and all that you have done... The world will be at a great loss when you have gone but you name and legacy will carry on indefinitely.

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Jacqui@FrenchVillageDiaries said...

It is tragic isn't it, such a creative mind who has changed technology so much. We love our Apples and always will and wish him the best.