August 25, 2011

Progress update: Health post-op!

Hi Everyone!

Today I am exactly 3 weeks POST OP! YAY! I have to say that well... I didn't really expect to be doing this well sooo soon after such a big surgery! I had friends who gave me a good idea of things to expect, and some happened ... some not. Everyone is different, that's for sure!

But, one thing for sure.. that I did NOT expect was that by about my 4 day out of surgery- my energy level was SOARING and I was feeling full of life and feeling good- though my body had an amount of discomfort- I wasn't in any great pain. Thank God!

After leaving the hospital and going home on day the 5th morning after my surgery- I walked for about an hour around town and was pretty tired.. That was on a Tuesday the 9th of Aug. All that week up until now.. I have been walking from 2-3 hours per day- (twice a day, not all at once, mind you)... and I've been feeling fantastic.. Well, admittedly.. I have a high tolerance for pain, but because I only had discomfort- it made everything all very bearable!!

I have only been walking- no exercise other than my own two feet.. and no transportation- not even to ride in a car.. My surgeon says I can do that at the end of August.. Sooo excited!!

I've been keeping SUPER busy, at any rate and didn't really how fast everything is going by until yesterday.. Haven't had a moment of boredom (except in the hospital, of course--- many moments there) and I've been keeping myself busy here in town and seeing friends and making new ones!!!



Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...


Ahem, I don't know how to say this without greatly embarrassing you but....

You appear to be wearing a pair of Pink Flip-Flops (again!)

You'd better be careful or the style police will get you!

All the best


Leesa said...

Heya Keith...

You've got a good eye!! Hey.. You are NOT a fashion cop, by any chance, are you?? Maybe that's why you've been warning me.. hehehe!

Hmmmm... that gives me an idea for my next blog post!!!

Cheers and thanks so much for coming by with your fun humour and for brightening up the day! Love to the family!!