August 12, 2011

Hospital-- Me and my pee!

It may seem a bit weird- but then again, I'm from HOLLYWOOD, so... I'm 'naturally' weird, anyhow... I thought it would be funny to get a picture of me in the hospital with my catheter.. but with just the 'bag' visible... hehe This was me on Saturday a.m.- 2 days after my surgery! Not too shabby, in my opinion... Someone wrote that minus the bag, I look like I'm 'on vacation!' you'd NEVER guess I had major surgery just two days prior!!!!


Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...

Oh Leeza

There's definitely got to be some kind of award for this on Tuesday!

I'll have to look through the archives but....

I don't think we've had a Peebag of the Week Award yet>

All the best


Leesa said...

OOOOOH Keith!!

That would be simply WONDERFUL for me to be awarded some type of prize for my peebag!!! WOW! I'd be reallllly honored.. Could you also please post the photo of me on your blog with the link back to my blog-- hehehe!!!!
Hugs to you, my friend!!!

Glad you and your humor are back up in the blogosphere! You've been missed for sure!