August 12, 2011

"Checking Out!" The END of my 'stay'

It's been nice, it's been 'fun' but now I really gotta 'run!!!' In other words, "SEEEEEE YAAAAAH!!

Haha.. By Sunday, I was REALLLLLY ready to go home, but I still had that darn catheter, which they took out on Monday morning--- at 6:30 a.m. and I was still feelin' like a 'patient!' The nursing staff changed over the weekend and I felt like I didn't know anyone anymore and wasn't 'attached' at all.. so it was okay for me to leave, now.. Thanks! PLUS, the bed had a big ol' dent right where your low back goes so my back had really had enough, too!

So, by the time TUESDAY a.m. FINALLY rolled around- 6 days post op, I felt like a 'real' human being again and ready to start a new chapter - RECOVERY! I was really aching for a good cup of coffee, so I mosied downstairs to the reception area to the cute little cafe.. OOPS, it was still closed.. I decided that since it was officially my 'last' day there- I'd make a break for it and head down the street to McDo's and have a 'real' coffee in the McCafe! hehe!
Afterwards, I came back and had yet... another coffee at the cafe in the hospital, which was, by that time.. OPEN!

Alex came at 9:30 a.m. and we 'checked out' of the hotel... er hospital without trouble.. So, as I said... It's been nice, it's been fun....

After that, we walked to my surgeon's office and paid a whooping 650 euros for my surgery. The extra for the hospital room being a private room was only 300 euros total for the 6 night stay.. Not too bad!! Anathesiologist fee was 250 euros...

We went continued on to the marché and got our fruits and veggies... Went home and I cooked us up a DELICIOUS Thai meal with chicken/curry and red rice (YUM) and a realllly yummy banana/honey/date shake for dessert! All and all, not too bad for my first day of freedom!



LindyLouMac in Italy said...

Good to know you are now home and from the photo it looks like you are already well on the way to being a new woman Leesa.

Leesa said...

Thanks So much LLM..

I was really feeling SOOO much better by the 3rd/4th day- it was surprising to me!!!
Thanks for your compliments, my dear!