June 25, 2011

At the gym...


Happy Summer

HeY! I completely forgot to post about summer... I went to the Music Festival in Paris with Bhavna, Dawn, and Sara... I think it was too early in the afternoon because no music had actually started playing... OOPS! It wasn't really too exciting at that point so I went home around 7 pm..

But, I had a WONDERFUL time in Paris that day-- Left Antony SUPER early to get into Paris because of the transport strike- BOO on the RER B line...

Got up to the 16th around 8 am and waited to meet Dawn... just hung out and had coffee and relaxed.. Went shopping in Passy... Then met Dawn and headed off to Malongo cafe to meet the girls.. Great time!!

June 22, 2011

London Calling..

Hey Folks,

Off to London tomorrow a.m. EARLY so I just wanted to say... Adios for the next week...

June 19, 2011

Nortre Dame in Rouen...

An AMAZING cathedral in Rouen..

June 11, 2011

Happppy Birthday, Anne!

It's Anne's B-day this a.m. and we had pancakes for breakfast!

June 10, 2011

Anne and I

It's been a long while, yes... I know! I've been sooo busy with work and such... "life," I guess, that blogging has fallen on the back but don't worry.. I'm not stopping, just slowing down for right now...

Anne, my dear friend from Oxfordshire, is visiting with us at the moment and tomorrow, she and I will be taking the train to Rouen in the early afternoon.. Can't wait... I'll DEFIN. post some pics... Sooooo, stay tuned and have a great weekend!


June 3, 2011


If you haven't already visited my Castle Blog please do so... I don't have a TON of pics there, but I do have quite a few... Guess it's time again to do some castle hopping in France.. Here are some of the precious Vaux-le-Vicomte (which has an interesting story behind it about the owner)!

Chateau Vaux-le-Vicomte, Paris

Barbara and I did a day trip outside of Paris to visit this very lovely Chateau- which is actually IN the Paris region- and very accessible by RER/tax or navette services! I highly recommend it as an alternative to Versailles for those of you visiting Paris who are interested in castles! I was in awe of this beautiful castle- very majestic and not to flashy- and it's grands were equally awesome!

The Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte is a baroque French château located in Maincy, near Melun, 55 km southeast of Paris in the Seine-et-Marne département of France. It was built from 1658 to 1661 for Nicolas Fouquet, Marquis de Belle Île, Viscount of Melun and Vaux, the superintendent of finances of Louis XIV.

The château was in many ways the most influential work built in Europe in the mid-17th century and the most elaborate and grand house built in France after the Château de Maisons. At Vaux-le-Vicomte, the architect Louis Le Vau, the landscape architect André le Nôtre, and the painter-decorator Charles Le Brun worked together on a large-scale project for the first time. Their collaboration marked the beginning of a new order: the magnificent manner that is associated with the "Louis XIV style" involving a system of collective work, which could be applied to the structure, its interiors and works of art and the creation of an entire landscape. The garden's use of a baroque axis that extends to infinity is an example of this style. -- Wikipedia

A lovely view.... on a gorgeous day!

One of my fav photo 'poses' is the "jump shot" - so here I am- jumping!

My other fav thing to do is 'tree pose!"

June 2, 2011

(Fraud/Spam email FBI) Contacted by the FBI- YEHHH SURE!!

Hahahahah! Sorry for this post but I'm really LMAO at this spam mail I just received! Alex and I had a good laugh but then he added, "Yeh, but unfortunately, there are some people who are going to believe it!" I hope that if ANYONE stubbles upon my blog via Goggle they will be more informed!!!

Here's the email I received just now- signed by the DIRECTOR of the FBI himself! Gimme a break, PLEASE!!!!

For your Kind Attention.

This is an official advice from the FBI foreign remittance/telegraphic dept. it has come to our notice that bank of Nigeria has released us$8m to BANK OF AMERICA in your name as the beneficiary, The bank Nigeria knowing fully well that they do not have enough facilities to effect this payment from Nigeria to your account, They used what we know as a “secret diplomatic transit payment” (S.T.D.P) to pay this fund through wire transfer, but this means of transfer can not reflect to your account as this was wrong method of transfer.

So to this regards we are contacting you to provide the proof of this us$8m you are about to receive is a clean money by sending FBI Identification Record and also Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer(DIST) to satisfy that the money you are about to receive is legitimate and real money. You are to forward the documents to us immediately, and if you don't have it in your possession, do let us know so that we will direct and inform you where to obtain the document and send to us so that we will ask the bank holding your funds to go ahead Crediting your account immediately.

Get back to us immediately if you don't have the document so that we will inform you the particular place to obtain the document because we have come to realize that the fund was transfer without provision of Identification Record and Diplomatic Immunity Seal Of Transfer (DIST) often referred to as a Criminal History Record or Rap Sheet, is a listing of certain information taken from fingerprint submissions retained by the FBI in connection with arrests and, in some instances, federal employment,naturalization, or military service. These conditions is Valid only for few days after we shall take actions on canceling the payment and then charge you for illegally moving funds out of Nigeria.

Get back to us now with requirement.

WARNING: failure to produce the above requirement in the next72 hours, legal action will be taken immediately by arresting and detaining you, if found guilty, you will be jailed. As terrorism, drug trafficking and money laundering is a serious problem in our community today. The F.B.I will not stop at any length in tracking down and prosecuting any criminal who indulge in this criminal act. FORWARD THE DOCUMENT TO US VIA EMAIL ATTACHMENT AS SOON AS YOU OBTAIN IT.


FBI Director
Robert S. Mueller, III

Coffee time- in London...

At Paul Rhodes near/in Nottinghill.. LoVe this cute little coffeeshop!