May 13, 2011

Urban gardens- plant walls

This is something that's very interesting to me because it adds a special touch to any home or business... Plant walls or 'murs végétalisés,' in French. I met a man named, Pascal, the other day at the gym who is in charge of the company, 'Parenthèse Végétale,' that makes these plant walls.
I wanted to share their website with you, here, so you could check it out and see some examples of what they do. I think this is definitely a way to add a bit more 'nature' into your daily lives in your very home or office.. I invite you to stop by their website and check it out!

**Photos taken directly from their website.


Michelle said...

What a great idea. I'll have to keep that in mind whenever we get a house of our own again

Leesa said...

It's a really cool thing to have in your home!

I love it!