May 29, 2011

Happy Mother's Day- Joyeuse Fête des Mères

Today is Mother's Day in France sooooo........
Happy Mother's Day to all of you WONDERFUL Mom's out there!
Please have a lovely day and know that you are loved and appreciated by so many!

A Mother's Day note - I miss my Mom!!!

Hi Everyone!

Today is Mother's Day in France.. in the U.S., it was a few weeks ago.. and in Costa Rica (where my step mom lives) it's on a totally different date than the two mentioned... I'm wishing all of you Mom's near and far-- a BLESSED Mom's Day... and to all of you with mom's/grandmom's/daughter's who are mom's... etc... Please love and enjoy them because when your mom is gone, this day is a hard one...

I actually broke down today and cried like a baby when the shower handle fell on my back.. I was stunned first by the pain, but then as I stood there not moving, I started BAWLING... like a 5 year old who fell off their bike and wanted their mom to come and give them a little TLC... Well, my mom's not here- and I miss her. I can't even really describe how much, because although the physical pain of missing her is no longer present within me, there is a DEEP void- a very forceful one that pulls at my heart and soul. It's very hard still, though my mom has been gone for a little over 5 years now... She was a best friend to me, an inspiration... a sweet, gorgeous, energetic, funny woman with a kind and loving heart and soul. That's what hurts so much- that she is gone, that I miss her so much and WHY did she have to be taken from me and my family from this stupid piece of SH*T cancer that knows no boundaries or limits to snatching loved ones away from you! It's just not fair...
Anyhow.. I wanted to get this out a bit here on my blog, because it's coming out- no pouring out of my heart right now as I type... I don't always get very personal here on my blog- usually it's about my mom- when a special day comes up- but I really need to get this out... I am not asking anyone for their sympathy... just for your understanding and support that you know that I'm a human being like all of you, who has a lot of emotions built up inside and that it always helps for me to talk about it with others...
Thanks for listening and for being there... because the one who is closest to me just doesn't get it... : (....

May 27, 2011

LOVE Bakery in London...

LOVE Bakery
319 King's Road
London SW3 5EP, United Kingdom
020 7352 3191

My FAVOURITE cupcakes in London can be found at the LOVE Bakery in on Kings Road in Chelsea... If you are in town, PLEASE do yourself a favour and check them out! DELISH!!
The cupcake book of recipes by Sam Blears is a 'must' in any baker's kitchen!

May 26, 2011

Chez Jean Paul- for a BBQ this past Saturday...

Me n' Jean Paul

Jean Paul is a good friend now PLUS, he lives about 5 minutes from us!! He has a really nice house, too... and three lovely teenage kids! Great time!

Strawberry shortcake, anyone??

This one was really D-lish! This past Saturday, Alex and I were invited to our friend, Jean Paul's for a bbq with his kids.. It was a sweet time.. in other words, I brought dessert! Here is the strawberry tarte I made (first time ever) with the strawberries I had picked just a few days before on the farm...

May 13, 2011

Urban gardens- plant walls

This is something that's very interesting to me because it adds a special touch to any home or business... Plant walls or 'murs végétalisés,' in French. I met a man named, Pascal, the other day at the gym who is in charge of the company, 'Parenthèse Végétale,' that makes these plant walls.
I wanted to share their website with you, here, so you could check it out and see some examples of what they do. I think this is definitely a way to add a bit more 'nature' into your daily lives in your very home or office.. I invite you to stop by their website and check it out!

**Photos taken directly from their website.