February 11, 2011

Untreated Staph Infections

I came down with a staph infection when away on our trip. I had to go through a procedure at the doctors to have the area cleaned out- and after a few days of antibiotics, it is
much better.

However, I think it's important for EVERYONE to know something about this -staphylococcus. Please refer to the link below to inform yourself... And, when you travel, bring some first aid products along so that if you get cut, you can tend to it right away.

Staph infection, or staphylococcus, is a bacterial infection commonly carried in the nasal cavity. Staph infection may go undetected until it enters through a wound in the body and becomes infected. If staph infection goes untreated it can result in serious health risks to the skin and organs of the body.

Read more:
Untreated Staph Infections | eHow.com


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Oww that looks very painful! Diane

Leesa said...

It was!! But, the day after the doc cleaned it out and I started the antibiotics-- it felt a WHOLE lot better!!!!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Glad you took care of it Leesa...very dangerous. There was an outbreak at my kids school & one kid ended up in the hospital fighting for his life.

NEVER take Staph infections lightly!!!!!!

Happy your okay...get lots of rest to fight the infection!


Jean said...

I had a similar infection caused by an ingrowing toenail.
I had no idea something so small could be incredibly painful. Antibiotics cleared it up in a couple of days but you have to act fast.

I'm glad yours has got better.

Susu Paris Chic said...

Oh dear, do get better! Hugs from Finland... we're still vacationing. No beach going here - but still very much enjoyable and unwinding.

Leesa said...

Lis-- I read up on it and I ALWAYS knew staph infections were bad news.. There's something called MRSA - which my friend's brother had and b/c of it.. it led to some serious permanent health conditions!


Susa-- Hello sweetie!! Hugs from CR back to you! Glad you are having a nice time!
Hugs, Leese

Leesa said...

Jean-- Yes! You DO have to act fast b/c if untreated- a staph infection can enter the blood and become VERY severe! There is also MRSA - which is a staph infection which is drug resistant and also VERY VERY serious..
Glad yours cleared up as quick as mine did!
Very painful!! And, GROSS, too!!!