February 16, 2011

Congrats are in order!!

Whooo hooo! My friend, Keith of A Taste of Garlic passed out some awards today on his blog HERE and I just want send out a big "THANK YOU" to Keith... and also congrats to all the award winners- esp. my good friends and fellow bloggers- Sam and Anne!!!

And, for good measure-- ALL of you who read THIS blog post (about France, mind you -KEITH) - you should all be bookmarking his blog at this VERY second or adding it to google reader or whatever... just so that you don't forget to check it out daily! Keith is fun of fun, vigor and HUMOUR! And, he also does GREAT blog reviews of blogs all over France.... :)

"Anne in Oxfordshire wins a Special Award for Posts about Paris from Someone who doesn’t live in Paris.

Anne often pops over here and always writes lovely blog posts about it.

Her Images from Paris… shows that she’s got a good eye for a photo and certainly enjoys her visits over here."

"The Rant of the Week Award goes to Sam at Totally Frenched Out for Today’s French word: S’imposer.

Sam, I promise you, if you go into work with an AK47 in your hands and a thousand yard stare on your face, you’ll get Rant of the Month Award and I’ll personally put you forward for theRant of the Year Award."

Quoted directly from Keith's blog...

Keith your sense of humor keeps me slappin' my sides!!! Tooo funny! I'll be back one day, I'm sure and then you'll probably tire of my posts of Paris.. esp. in the springtime when everything is it's prettiest...

And now, here's what Keith had to say about me-- HILARIOUS!!!!!!

"And just for the people who didn’t win an award this week….

Here are the famous Awards for not Winning an Award!

Leesa from News from France – I understand that she has a poorly big toe but….

That’s no excuse for missing Netball Practice!

Sorry Leesa but I find it hard to feel sorry for you when you’re in Costa Rica (in the sunshine) and we’re stuck in freezing Brittany, burning our furniture in a vain effort to keep warm – 2/10 and you’re excused ballet class for a week!

Oh, by the way, Leesa… The examiners will look favourably on you should you decide to come back to France and start blogging about Paris things – they like that sort of stuff (so I’m told.)" End quote.

OKAY Keith --- You're ON!! When I come back- whenever that may be.. .mind you, I'm going post happy on my NFF blog and you'll be the FIRST one to know of it...

I'll be cashing in my REAL award then- (whenever that is)... hahahahahah!!

Best to you.. Leesa

Here's Keith and his price mushroom- he found it during our walk though the woods.


LindyLouMac said...

Congratulations to you all. Leesa I will be off to take a look at this blog, as you are the second person to recommend it recently.

Keith Eckstein -A Taste of Garlic said...

Hi Leesa

Thanks for the mention (and thanks, I think, for that photo of me with my big belly and my professional mushroomer's grin!)

I hope your big toe is better (personally I would have opted for amputation - but that's just me!) and hope to see you back here soon keeping those other Paris bloggers in some sort of order?

All the best


Leesa said...

Thanks LLM--

I highly recommend you have a look and a relook and then add it to your blogroll.. because Keith's blog is TOPS!!!

Keith-- I know.. Well, about the pic.. You know it's already somewhere on this blog - but I think you look fine!!! I do LOVE the mushroomer's grin, too! : )

Big toe is great now.. I'll have to do a before and after pic--- I might have HAD TO have an amputation if not treated properly! hahahah!!

Yeh.. I'll try my best to get back on here- you've inspired me to do so.. I have sooo many pics to add.. I'm the Paris bottom, after all.. bottom of Paris, moreover- Paris sud! hahah!
Take care and have a great fin de la semaine AND WE...