January 1, 2011

Mozart l'Opéra Rock

THANK YOU to the cast and crew of the FABULOUS comedie musicale, Mozart l'Opéra Rock. It's second season started in early November of 2010 and tomorrow will be my 10th time seeing the show since it opened in '09. I am so happy that I could attend so many performances. It's truly my favourite show EVER!!!

I will definitely miss going to see the show as it begins it's tour around France in February. The show will be back in Paris on July 8 and 9th only at Bercy so if you HAVEN'T yet bought your tickets, I recommend you do so.... NOW!!! It's worth every pretty penny!

I will miss this show- the great customes, songs, coreographed dances and most of all the actors, who I have made a point to see and meet before the show all of the times I have gone. They are genuine and very friendly with their fans! They're all GREAT!!

I've also become friends with a number of other 'fans' and it's nice to have MOZART in common!

MOR - as some of us call it, has become a raging success in France as well as a few other French speaking countries. The producers of the show have just announced that the show will be translated into English and will become international! That's fantastic news and if it opens in London one day, you can BET that I'm hoping on the Eurostar to see it over there!

Thank you again to everyone involved in the show - on the scene and behind the scene- and even ABOVE the scene. And thanks to Dove Attia and Albert Cohen for such a TOP RATE and OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION!


Laura said...

Wow, looks like an awesome production!

Laura in Ludwigsburg

Leesa said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving a comment... I cannot tell you what a FABULOUS production it is... Can't wait until July to see it again before it ends for good!

Heidra said...

Hi Leesa! I discovered your blog a few months ago, I think it's lovely :D. I became glad when I saw the MOR on this page, this musical is my favorite too! :D

Leesa said...

Hi Heidra..

Sorry it took me several months to get back to your comment.. I haven't been blogging regularly! I LOVE MOR, too!!! Thanks for stopping by!