December 29, 2010

Rosa Bonheur in the Park Buttes Chaumont, Paris

I just LOVE this little cafe and was thinking about it yesterday. If you're in Paris in the springtime or summer time it's a lovely spot, afternoon or evening to have a drink or to nibble on something.

Here it is back in the day... Still looks the same!

*Pictures taken off the net.


Brenna said...

I've never been there before; how pretty!

Ron said...

Bonjour Leesa!

OMG, how cool is this!!!

I love seeing then and now photos.

Looks like a charming place!

Thanks for sharing!


Leesa said...

Hi Brenna,

Thanks for stopping by! It's a GREAT place- try to go in the spring and esp. in the summer time when it gets dark late and it's HOT out...

Hiya Ron,

It's a SUPER cool place.. We've done a few meet ups here in the summer time.. One of my fav. places!
Happy New Year...