December 9, 2010

Preparation for 3rd annual Thanksgiving...

I LOVEEEEEEE that I can find fresh cranberries here because homemade cranberry sauce is one million times better than the canned stuff (and that is not sold here except in American specialty stores).

I carry on my Uncle Fred's tradition with the stuffing baked outside the turkey. My Uncle Fred put so many extras in the stuffing that it couldn't help but turn out delish! This is the second time that I have made my own stuffing (bread crumbs). No more "Stove Top" stuffing - this stuff is made from freshly stale baguettes... The BEST!!!!

5 onions cubed and lots of cut up pieces of dates, prunes, walnuts, and apples!

Yum Yum!!!!

This year, I made fresh cornbread and made it into stuffing.
It was a first for me... Not so bad!

Merlyn's yams--- My fav! Made with pineapple and pecans inside! YUMMMMM!!!!


Pedro F. Báez said...

Leesa, that looks like a fabulous and sumptuous feast! My goodness! I also make my own cranberry sauce from scratch, but I put grated fresh orange peel and a small stick of Saigon Cinnamon in it and it's so good, I actually make lots more to keep as a sort of a jam or a marmalade to eat with toast at breakfast or brunch or to use as filling for turnovers and croissants. Happy Holidays to you and your family. XOXOXOXOX

Barbara said...

Good morning Leesa,

Well done! I know how much work that you put into this feast each time.
I just know that everything was yummy.You had your work cut out too, with the snow that fell on that day!

Happy weekend :)

Leesa said...

Hey Pedro...

I also but cinnamon sticks in mine and a few cloves and orange juice/zest... It's really YUMMMY!!!!!
Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones, too!


It was a great time and we really missed you and D! By the time Saturday came around, I was pretty much DONE all my cooking stuff so it was slow and stress free- YAY!!
The snow- though it prevented a few from making the trip over, was very beautiful and it wasn't very cold!
Have a great weekend...

Jennifer K said...

everything was so good Leesa. I'm just sad that I didn't get to try everything you made!

Leesa said...

No worries, Jennifer.. There's always NEXT time!! : )