December 26, 2010

My Mom's B-day...

If you have ever lost a loved one, due to any circumstance, you will know exactly what I mean by this... Celebrating that person's life on specific dates. Anniversarys ARE important! They also us to honor and commemorate this person's life.
So, in honor of my dear and beloved Mom, who most of you here know just from my blogging... I am going to celebrate her special day, her BIRTHday. It's a very special date because NOT only was it the GLORIOUS day on which she was born... but if there was NO her-- there would be no ME! So, I am of course, VERY grateful of my Mom's birth, naturally!
Though I don't really look a lot like my mom (I share some of her traits and mannerisms, of course)... I have a lot in common with her and I owe a lot of WHO I am as a person to her!

So, THANKS Mom... for being born and for birthing me (and my two brothers, too.. of course).
I wouldn't be here without you and you have contributed so much to my life, as well as all of those whose lives you entered... We will ALWAYS remember you and love you 'til eternity!

I love you very much, my dear Mom and think of you very often, especially on this special day of your birth--- way back in 1941.
Your one and only daughter..... Leesa


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I did not realise that your Mother was quite so young, no wonder you miss her so much. My Mum was 87 though and I miss her equally. Diane

Leesa said...

Hi Diane,

My mom was only 62 when she passed away- and she was really young in spirit and in looks- more like a woman of 52... Even in my 30s, people used to ask us if we were sisters- she always looked very young and was very beautiful.. We were very close, that is why I miss her so much.. Sure, she was too young to go, too.

But, what is the 'right' age for a loved one to depart? We accept it more when people are elderly- but my dear friend's father was 90 when she passed and she misses him terribly. I don't know if it really gets any easier to lose a parent, no matter what age.
My mom was such a bright shinny star, a warm person and a hilarious individual- I don't think I would miss her any less if she passed away 10 or 20 or 30 years from now....
Anyhow- I wanted to celebrate her beautiful life!

Ron said...

What a beautiful birthday tribute to your lovely mother, Leesa!

"It's a very special date because NOT only was it the GLORIOUS day on which she was born... but if there was NO her-- there would be no ME!"

((( Leesa ))))

X to you, my friend!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

How sweet of you Leese to remember your mom in such a beautiful way...

Leesa said...

Thanks so much, Ron! My mom is/was a very special woman who really deserves to be honored!

Hugs to you! Leese

Philip-- As I said above, it's something I like to do to remember my dear Mom!

Thanks... Leese

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

A beautiful tribute for a beautiful lady ..♥♥

Leesa said...

Thanks a bunch, Anne!!