December 15, 2010

Le Contrôleur de Bonheur à Antony! Part 2

Today, I was very fortunate to have a 'second' encounter with my favourite smiley person! Emmanuel is indeed a very positive and inspirational individual! Thanks for the pin and it was nice to run into you on the train.
Please check out his blog here: The Contrôler de Bonheur.

**Photos taken directly from the website of "The Contrôler de Bonheur.


Pepe Le Pew said...

When I first read it I though "why is she happy to run into a smelly person?" I had to re-read it to see it was a smiley person.

Leesa said...

Well, Pepe LP.. You're comment made me laugh!!

Okay, so I can really imagine you thinking it said, smelly-- because 1 your name is Pepe le PU and 2. because it's TOTALLLLLY possible encounter smelly people in the metro.. But, I assure you, he was definitely smiley and NOT smelly!
Thanks for commenting... Leesa