December 11, 2010

Celebrating Thanksgiving in France - Franco/American sytle!

So, this makes our THIRD annual Thanksgiving Potluck Celebration here in France. (I skipped last year because I was very busy with things)... This one, like the others ... was a SMASHING SUCCESS!!! We had a lot of snowfall so unfortunately a few friends couldn't make it because of the poor weather conditions on the road...
However, we still partied-hearty and had a FEAST fit for a tribe! It was FANTASTIC!! Thanks to everyone for everything... Especially to Frédérique and François for hosting and for making this event possible!!! YAYYY!!!

A plate HEAPED full of food....

The 'spread.'

Going, going, GONE! In just a matter of minutes! We had just enough for everyone to enjoy!

And an extra special thanks to François for preparing the turkey this year-- It was DELISH!

Alex, busy carving away at the turkey...

Everyone enjoying the meal? YES!

Here's where the FUN begins..... Thanksgiving "à la française!"
I WISH my dad was here for this because he LOVES French cheese- the stinkier, the better!

Jean Marc et Sylvie... A very charming couple, indeed!
Sylvie is very sweet and her husband, Jean March is both charming and funny!
He recounted the story of how the Native Americans were invited by the French for there first Thanksgiving in France...

At the end of the meal, the French offered cheese to the Indians. Well, the cheese smelled so bad that the Indians did not come back the following year and Thanksgiving in France was cancelled! I guess they'll stick to corn and sweet potatoes, then!

We were spoiled by the lovely and varied array of French cheeses.... Oh là là!

And NOW, for dessert: An assortment of pumpkin bars, cookies, chocolate caramel tarte and chocolate toffee bars.

Pumpkin and cranberry sauce bars with cream cheese frosting...

Chocolate pecan caramel tarte

Turkey cupcakes - adorned with candy corn.

Jennifer's beautiful and delicious chocolate pear tarte!

Frédérique, me and Cecile


Anonymous said...

Une superbe soirée chez Frédérique et François. Merci à tous pour ce Thanksgiving et j'espère à l'année prochaine :o)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Wow, what a great party! The pictures are gorgeous and especially the last one! Hugs.

Leesa said...

Thank Anonymous...

Not sure who you are- Manda? Brigitte?? Who are you?
It was a great time!!

Philip- Yep.. it was a great party... Fun and food and good friends! What more could one ask for?

Take care,

Anonymous said...

C'est Alex ;o)

Leesa said...

Okay, merci honey!