December 8, 2010

Blog Pause INTERRUPTION to report the weather!

*Picture taken from the internet.

This is from CNN.

"Paris (CNN) -- Heavy snow paralyzed travel in the Paris region Wednesday, where officials suspended air traffic at one of Europe's busiest airports, closed several highways and shut down the Eiffel Tower.

Officials at the Charles de Gaulle airport suspended air traffic until at least 6 p.m., and delays at the Orly airport were up to at least two hours, according to Aeroports de Paris, the region's airport authority.

Météo France has issued an "orange" weather warning across central France, the second-highest level of warning. As much as 10-15 centimeters of snow has fallen in some areas, and forecasters are predicting 2 to 3 more centimeters will come down before Thursday.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux called on people to limit their travel as much as possible.

"As we wait for the situation to improve... I urge extreme caution," he told reporters. "Pedestrians, especially, be careful, because the sidewalks are also very slippery."

Hortefeux said 2,000 police and 240 civil protection agents have been dispatched to the Paris region to help stranded motorists.

Truck traffic was forbidden on several highways around Paris and those leading into the capital due to ice on the roadways and the heavy snowfall, officials said. Many access points into the capital were shut down by authorities, stranding commuters on those roadways.

Some disruptions were also reported on the region's railways, with the high-speed TGV trains limited to a speed of 230 kph instead of the usual speeds of up to 320 kph. That will cause delays in arrival times, the rail authority SNCF said.

The bus network in Paris was completely stopped, the group responsible for Parisian transport (RATP) reported on its website.

Authorities shut down the Eiffel Tower in Paris to tourists because of the weather."

I had to cancel two classes this afternoon- one because I couldn't make it to his house with the deep snow- the second was that I was already at their house but had another hour to go and wanted to make my way home before nightfall set in... I wasn't even sure of being able to catch the RER back home- but all the cars were COMPLETELY blocked on the streets because the streets hadn't been salted. The buses had all been called back to the depot. I went back on the train and walked home from the closest train station which took me about 30 minutes to get home when it normally takes 25 minutes...


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I spoke to friend of mine in Paris yesterday and he said it was pretty horrible! We had snow this morning, but then the sun came out this afternoon and melted it. Very strange weather!! Keep warm and safe. Take care. Diane

likeschocolate said...

Stay warm! I guess this is our payback for the hottest summer on record.

LindyLouMac said...

Oh my goodness, and winter has only just started!

Vagabonde said...

I read the new 44 posts Google Reader shows you wrote while I was away. You have a lot of energy. It takes me at least a week to read all my blogging friends’ posts. You do live in an area that gives you so many interesting subjects to talk about and your posts are fun. Belated Happy Birthday. My oldest grandchild was 4 on 27th November. These are good November days it seems as he was accepted in kindergarten a year early as he is so advanced.

Your post to your mom was so sweet and special, just like she was. I know how it hurts. My mom left us just a few days before Christmas in 2002 and I miss her a lot.
The cranberries in your package look large. I bought 6 packs yesterday and am planning to make jam, with orange zest and Grand Marnier – I hope it will taste good. I don’t remember that much snow in Paris so early in the year. Stay warm.

Leesa said...

Hi Diane...

Yep- It's cold again this morning and I think we're getting more snow tomorrow or Wednesday!! UGGHHH!!!!

Leesa said...

Hi Likes Chocolates-

Well, I'll try to stay warm- best way to do that is to stay IN!!!! Take care and have a great week!

Leesa said...

LLM- Hi there!

We're gonna have a LOT of snow this season, I'm sure.. There's been a lot already... I'll be off in about a week! Can't wait!

Hi Vagabonde - Nice to see you here again! Thanks so much for kind words about my mom.. I know how hard it is to lose a loved one, especially the woman who gave us life.. I'm sorry for your loss, too.. It's makes the holiday season a bit more difficult, doesn't it.. That's why it's great to 'celebrate' their lives during this time so we can be a bit more joyful during a time that reminds us of our sorrow and grief of losing someone we love..
All my best to you...