November 8, 2010

Scottish cupcakes

Well, not really!

They were just MADE in Scotland, that's all... I made cupcakes twice while I was in Scotland. These were at the place we stayed in Ediburgh- The Budget Backbackers - and I made them for the kind staff members who are all really helpful and informative! Thanks again, Sarah... Jim, McLean and the others! We enjoyed our stay there with you!


likeschocolate said...

How do you afford to travel so much? I thought I traveled alot, but you have me beat.

Leesa said...

Hi Likes Chocs...

I just responded to this on your blog but if you'd like to know more, please feel free to email me!
Seriously, not expensive and I'm by no means rolling in the dough!

Ron said...

Bonjou Leesa!

Absolutely flawless photos, my friend! You have a magical way of making every place you visit come ALIVE with electricity!


And I like your new blog layout and header!

Have a FAB Monday, Leesa!


Leesa said...

Thanks Ron...

That's so nice of you to say! Awww-- I'm blushing!

Thanks for stopping by and saying such nice things! You just made my day!