November 2, 2010

Ottolenghi, London

This has to be some of the 'best looking' food I've seen anywhere! This place is very renowned for their food- We just went in so that I could have a look and take some pics but next time, I'm eating there!! A mix of healthy and sweet!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Leesa I have seen food like that ( or better) over in France and you have lots of posts about great Cakes from other countries.

I am not sure why they have called their tart "Cooked fruit tart" aren't all tarts cooked .. ??

Leesa said...

Hi Anne---

We'll there's good food to be had in EVERY country, I'm sure!

There are some baked tartes- though-- like tarte aux pommes, tartes aux poires, aux abricots.. Yes, their are MANY cooked tarts- maybe the one you are thinking of is the one with all the fruits on top- like kiwi/blueberry/strawberry-- they don't usually 'cook' those fruits on a tarte- but the do other ones- even the tarte au citron is a baked tarte, as well...
I suppose they mean 'baked' I wouldn't use the word 'cooked' personally - but you can say cooked in the oven- I would say- baked in the oven, though and NOT use the word cooked!!! That's just me, though!