November 13, 2010

Lunch with Walt and Ken...

It was so pretty and perfectly presented that I didn't want to eat it right away-- It was really delish and esp. because Ken used the 'last tomato' from their garden... YUM!!!

Homemade mayonnaise is the BEST!!!

Walt was the Ravioli King today as he made fresh ravioli with turnip greens and goat cheese...

Very Delish Walt!!

Again, another delicious lunch time meal with Walt and Ken... I wish we were their neighbours! Thanks again!!!


wcs said...

Your photos make our food look so appetizing! I guess we were so busy eating that we forgot to take pictures of the ravioli after they were cooked!

Had a great time. We'll do it again.

Leesa said...

Haha Walt!

Now you know how I feel when I come over to your blog and see all the food pics you post!

I know- I think we were so into the food that I TOTALlY forgot to get those shots!!

See you soon, I hope!