November 3, 2010

The Kiwi Collection... See BLOG

A fellow blogger friend of mine: Lindsey, who lives in Paris, wrote this article for the blog "Kiwi
Collection." For the full article about dining in Paris, please see HERE.

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Paris: No Traps Here!: Guest Blogger

Guest Editor:
- Lindsey Tramuta,

As much as tourists and longtime Francophiles try to explore the less-traveled sides of Paris (the Paris of locals), a first-time visitor is likely going to want to hit the highly populated tourist sites. Can we really blame them with a city that looks like a museum? Even with the best of intentions, this usually translates to eating at overly trafficked sub-par tourist trap restaurants for breakfast and dinner with a deplorable ham & cheese on baguette sandwich from a take-away shop for lunch that they convince themselves was charmingly French and delightful when really they would have preferred something far more gastronomical. But why should visitors have to sacrifice taste and affordability just because they’re wandering around the Eiffel Tower or the Bastille? They shouldn’t.

And with that, a few suggestions for where to eat WELL around a few of the tourist hot spots in the city:

**Picture taken from the blog- the Kiwi Collection

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