November 22, 2010

How cold is it??

Pretty cold!


Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Its cold and wet here at the mo .. and going to get colder apparently .. :-(

Ron said...

Hi Leesa!

OMG, I's COLD here too!!!

Except, you know me...I'm LOVIN' it!!!

Stay warm, my friend!

Happy Monday to ya!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Too cold for me!!! Diane

Leesa said...


Yes! This week - I think by the end of the week- it's supposed to snow or something here!!!! WOW!!! November snow! That's sounds like WINTER to me..

Leesa said...


ME TOO!!! I'm shivering as I type this!!

Leesa said...

Ron-- Well, you can HAVE it.. hahahahha!

And take the cold from HERE, too.. While your at it!! I have the space heater on my feet right now... and i still have goosebumps!