November 29, 2010

The holidays and EGGNOG!!

One thing that puts me in the HOLIDAY mood is eggnog! I have been drinking this stuff for as LONG as I can remember! I just love the flavour. Some years ago, Starbucks came out with specialty drinks for the holiday season and eggnog was on the menu. I always preferred Peets eggnog lattes over Starbucks, personally!

So, eggnog does not really exist as a flavour here in France, neither does pumpkin (as a cake or in sweets). So, it was something I have definitely been missing during the holidays! Now, thanks to my DEAR friend Tony- who always seems to know what I would like- and who thinks almost exactly like me- I can have the "American holiday season" with me here in France!

Thanks soooo much Tony, for making this possible! It really changes things around, you wouldn't believe!

Here's my STAR eggnog latte in my holiday Peets mug!


Café Crème said...

Hey Lisa,
the french equivalent for EggNog is "lait de poule". I have got a recipe somewhere thanks to a cooking lesson I did at l'Atelier des Chefs'. I will find ans scan or copy it for you if you like.
Take care

Anthony said...


It is a joy and a pleasure to be able to send you the eggnog mixture from San Diego!

I am happy to hear that it brings back fond memories of the previous Holidays in California.

The eggnog express is on the way with another delivery to get you through the Holiday Season!

Wishing the Happiest of Birthdays to you both and all the best for the Holidays!

Ciao bella,


Leesa said...

Hi Nicolette-

I didn't know that was what it is called in French, how funny! I have looked up a lot of different recipes and had thought about it earlier this year- like in Sept/Oct. but then when Tony said he found some powdered mix and said he would send some, it worked out great for me! In fact, I prefer a powdered mix because the thought of making something with all those eggs and cream and sugar does NOT appeal to me. But, the mix is in powder form and you don't think about eggs, cream- etc b/c it's only 80 calories a serving! That's pretty good!
Thanks, though!

Leesa said...

Hey Ton...

OH MY GOD! You're the BEST!! Thanks so much for doing this! It's my new Christmas/Holiday JOY!! Thanks for spreading the joy to France!
I'll be waiting in an-ti-ci-pa------ SAY IT- pation -- for the package!

Thanks so much - Leese et Alex!!!