September 27, 2010

Heatwave in L.A. and San Diego, California

It's 111 F in Los Angeles right now! That's just insane!!!!!


RealFeel® 118°


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I always say it can never be too hot, but maybe that is even too hot for me!! Diane

Pedro F. Báez said...

Leesa, I have the latest right now: it was just announced; Los Angeles (Downtown L.A.) just broke the all time record of high temperatures in recorded history at 113 degrees Fahrenheit at noon! The Valley, by rare contrast, is a "cool" 105! XOXOXOX

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Crazy temperatures ..!! How do they survive the heat? I like it hot , and it was when I was in France .. but not like that.

Leesa said...

Diane- Imagine in some countries it gets to over 120F!! YIKES! California IS a desert, though...

Pedro- I am sure L.A. is SIZZLING!!! A real 'scorcher' as we used to say!

Anne- I don't know- That is PRETTY DARN hot-- At least it's dry, not humid.. I don't remember those temps EVER in all my life there- Las Vegas or Arizona, yes.. but not in Cali.. Unusual!