August 21, 2010

LOVE Bakery London

This adorable little cupcakery in Chelsea is just tooooo cute for words! You can find the shop HERE.

First, there's PINK everywhere-- a HUGE plus in my book!!

Second, not only are the cupcakes GORGEOUS, but they're DELISH, as well. Perfect texture of the cake and crumb - and the frosting is also smooth and creamy! YUMMMM!!!!
Lastly, Sam... the owner is a very charming young lady who created her business out of the love of baking cupcakes and cakes! It shows! These are the BEST cupcakes I have tried in any cupcake shop- anywhere! I'm going back for more!

A HUGE thank you to Same for the four cupcakes she gifted us with as well as being so gracious and charming! It was great meeting you and chatting about cupcakes! Hope to see you in Paris so me, you, and Cat can do a 'Cupcake Crawl' in Paris!



Lisa Petrarca said...

Oh it looks incredibly delicious! I'm craving cupcakes now!!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Oh la la, when I get to London later this year... I hope... I just absolutely have to go there! Pink and cute. Susu indeed.

Huge hugs Leesa - can't wait to see you on Sunday!

Leesa said...

Hi Lisa--

I can't even tell you HOW delish these beauties were! They melted in my mouth!

Hi Susa...

Hope you make it there- you will LOVE it!!! Sooo cute!
Take care and see you this Sunday- YAY!!

Little Miss Cupcake said...

Love is definitely on my list the next time I get over to London! Gorgeous photos - so much color! I can't take my eyes off those (are they?) lemon meringue! Delighted to hear they taste as good as they look - i know how you are about eating sugar so guess it was well worth it? ;)

Leesa said...

Lemon meringue-- YES!!! Her cupcakes are just AMAZING!!!! I am going back to London in late Oct. early Nov. just for a few days...

It was DEFINITELY worth the sugar fix... Her cupcakes are melt away DELISH!!!

likeschocolate said...

This is seriously not right to tease us all with these amazing looking cupcakes. I want to come next time.

Leesa said...

Hiya Likes Chocolates

(what's your first name, by the way?!)

I know, I know... It's not fair... But the place is sooo cute and the cupcakes are SOOOO good that I want EVERYONE to know about them... Maybe you'll make it over there one day!

Love Bakery said...

Hi Leesa

Love the pictures. And thank you so much for the super kind comments. It was wonderful to meet you too and the Cupcake Crawl in Paris - I am sooo ready for that! Love Sam x