August 11, 2010

A HUGE THANK YOU to all my visitors/friends here in Blogland!

Hi Everyone,

Every day when I look at my stats on visits to my blog, I'm always truly amazed at the amount of visitors from all over the world... I see that sometimes people get here via Google searches but a lot/or most of you, just stop by because you read my blog! How COOL is that?! I just love it that you're all interested for whatever reasons...

I don't know everyone who stops by and I don't really know how to find out.. not that I need to really know all that... but just that you come by, counts!

If you EVER feel the urge to write a comment and introduce yourself, I LOVE meeting new people! Great-- feel free - if you are comfortable to drop me a line, via comments or email. I'd love to hear from you and if you have a blog, too.. I'd love to have a look and add you to my blog roll...

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and look at my blog! I appreciate it!

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

Hi Leesa: I have read and enjoyed your writing and your pictures forever! Thank you for posting faithfully, your energy and good cheer is an inspiration!

Linda (from New England USA)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Amazing isn't it :-) .. xoxo

I have had lots of new readers to my blog too, just recently.

Must look at my stats. You have so many visitors as you have lots and lots of photos, and all so interesting . take care xxo

Leesa said...

Hi Linda!!

Thanks SOOOO much for leaving a comment here on this post! I was really curious to see who all these people were stopping by, because they really are from all over the place and that's really nice for me to see that so many people come back again to check out my blog!

Thanks so much for your kind remarks, too! Very sweet... I am really happy you enjoy my blog! Please do stop back again and feel free to say hi whenever...
And, if you are EVER here in Paris, please do drop me a line and we can meet up for coffee or what not and if you need any tips on what to visit here, I'm your gal!

Take care and thanks again!

Lisa Petrarca said...

Hey Leesa...we read your blog because you are AWESOME!

So glad I met you through bloggyland! It's so cool isn't it?

Jennie said...

Hi Leesa, I read your blog because I love Paris. I live in San Francisco and after my French lesson today I am going to stay downtown in a French hotel and then go to another French lesson Saturday morning. It is easy to take a French vacation in San Francisco.


Leesa said...

Hi Jennie,

Thanks so much for leaving a comment! How sweet that it! I'm really glad you read my blog and it's good to 'meet you!' That's great you're taking French lessons! What level are you in now? How long have you been studying French? Maybe one day you'll come to France and practice!!! Have a great time in the French hotel.. Sounds like a FAB vacation to me... SF is one of my fav. cities... Enjoy!

Mary said...

I found you in blogland about 3 months ago and since then, you have been on my favorites list and I read you daily (unless I have some extreme activities like the past 3 days when I was busy sewing Scandinavian Costumes for my 29-year old daughter and her boyfriend for the musical gigs they are performing this weekend at the local Junction City, Oregon festival). My daughter is a french teacher here in Eugene and I have been taking continuing french lessons from her for the past 4 years. I started learning french in school in the 8th grade and I don't think I ever stopped :-)

I spent 3 years living in Germany and so I can relate to your activities as an ex-pat. Especially your recent trip to Munich!

You and I have some of the same traits: I have gone up to a VIP that I admire (like you at Paris-Disney) and let them know how much I follow them and then if a friend/relative is around, ask to have my picture taken with him/her!!!

Keep on blogging! It is really fun for us readers...

Mary H.

Leesa said...

Hi Mary!

Wow! Thanks so much for leaving your comment! I really appreciate your readership-- See, I didn't even know until now... Gosh! Thanks for all your kind words, too....
You sound like you have an interesting life there! Great that you have been studying French for so long! You must be great at it! What grades does your daughter teach for French? How cool!!

Have you visited France or another French speaking country before?

Living overseas is really great... Where in Germany did you live and when was it?? I had SUCH a great time there... Can't wait to go back again to visit!

It is certainly nice to have our pic taken with our fav. VIPs... I am not shy and I see you're not either!

Take care and thanks again for reading and stopping by! It's so nice to hear from you...

Do you have a blog, by the way?