July 7, 2010



D. Gator said...

Mmmm... I haven't had good cherries this year... I hate not going home during Spring time... (my dad has a cherry tree that makes some of the best cherries I have ever had, the kind that would cost too much in the store)

Leesa said...

We picked the cherries at one of my student's house.. VERY sweet- but then I started to find cherry fly larvae in the cherries and it TOTALLY grossed me out.. There was one in almost all the cherries I looked at and so that put an end to my cherry clafouti! We gave them to Alex's mom...
Alex said it wouldn't bother him at all to eat the cherries with the larvae but it grossed me out to much to continue!!
I agree that the ones you buy are NOT as good in terms of taste!

/take care,

D. Gator said...

Larvae are full of proteins... ;-)

Seriously, they're totally fit for consumption (if they were not, the larvae wouldn't eat them), you just need to take the larvae out (or not, your choice)

Leesa said...

D- you sound like my hubby and my step mom (who used to say-- "YUMMM, extra protein!!")

I know this but it's still VERY gross to me, I don't like maggots (larvae)!!!

I don't like to see them or to touch them or to know they are there... Maybe I should have given you the cherries! : )

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Thankfully not a maggot in one of our cherries and very few eaten by the birds. The one tree was so laden we could have shared them! I have a lot frozen (cherries, not maggots:-)and many jars of jam, but even with the neighbours help we could not even pick half of what was on the tree. Diane

economie mondiale said...

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Leesa said...

Thankfully, Diane!

What a relief!!! Glad you had a ton of cherries.. Can you save some cherry jam for me, please and I'll save some of my apricot jam for you!!

Take care,

Ron said...

You know something?

I can actually TASTE these delicious looking cherries!

Yummy beyond, belief!


Leesa said...

I wish I could send you some of the cherry jam that Alex's mom made with the cherries!!!!