July 9, 2010

AEROSMITH 2010 at Bercy, Paris

Walking through the park, I spotted the heron that I saw a few months ago with Andrea... as well as the preconcert crowds outside the concert hall.. It didn't feel as "crowded" as it did for Iron Maiden (last year).

Inside Bercy... The place really filled up! Full house!!

Rock Legends-- AEROSMITH!!

I LOVE this pic.. It came out really COOL!!! FANTASTIC show!!!


Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

You are right the pic with the hand is great. I love the heron though. Diane

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

This is just too fantastic!! :D What fun for you!

Hard to believe that Aerosmith is still kickin' it, lol. Not once since the 60s has the group split up, though, and all original members are still alive and part of the group (I'm pretty sure... not 100%, though). That's not been an easy feat for a group from all that time ago... Cool.

Gavin said...

I've seen your heron friend in Bercy before now. :-)

Great photos of the Aerosmith concert. I've missed out on a few good concerts at Bercy, as tickets aren't always easy to obtain. Anyway, great photos and looks like a great gig.

Leesa said...

Diane-- It was an EXCELLENT concert!!! Glad you liked the pics! Thanks!

Karin-- I was SOOO excited to have seen the show! It was AMAZING!!!!!!!

Gavin-- Thanks!! I have to get the tickets as SOON as the go on sale otherwise, I miss out, too!!!
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