June 14, 2010

Philp's Travel Blog "Traveling"

Once again, dear blogger friend in Cyprus (Philip) was nice enough to feature me on his WONDERFUL travel blog, "Traveling."

He did a nice presentation of my photos (HERE) of the Parc de Sceaux and various others...

Please have a look at this FABULOUS blog and drop him a line... He's a very unique and kind individual with a passion for travel!

Thanks so much, Philip!!! You are a real sweetheart!! Hugs to you and Popi!


Lisa Petrarca said...

Congrats Leesa! Philip is so AWESOME & I love his site. My Blog header is from the collage he did when I was featured.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Well done Leesa, just off to look at Philips site now. Diane

Susu Paris Chic said...

Congrats dear Leesa!

I just looove you with those braids. Would you do it again?

Leesa said...


Thanks! Philip is VERY AWESOME and I just LOVE the way he puts the photos together in the collages ... It really special!! I didn't realize you could do that with the header... So, I tried it and changed mine, too!!! Woooo hoooo!!!

Diane -- Great!! Hope you enjoy Philip's blog as much as I do!! Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Susa- Hey there!! Thanks for your compliments! I don't think I'll do it again. I did when I first got here to France- but it didn't look as good as when I was younger!! It was A LOT of fun, though... I must say!!