June 19, 2010

Le Contrôleur de Bonheur à Antony!

Le Côntroleur de Bonheur
On my way to Paris on Thursday afternoon, I had the pure fortune of meeting a man who is a bit of a celebrity to me! Alex had seen him on the RER B some months back and told me about him... He's the man who makes you smile-- LITERALLY!

Le Contrôleur de Bonheur, aka Emmanuel, is the man who puts a smile on the faces of many, or at least makes his best attempt, up and down the RER B line (maybe the metro, too) in Paris. He looks like a literary intellectual type and sports a very French looking cap, if he were around in the 20s and 30s, he could have easily been mistaken for a Fitzgerald or Hemingway "type," (That's my impression, in any case). I haven't had the privilege of seeing him "in action" so I will have to save that for the next post). Maybe, I'll get to do a follow up story about him and do a "ride along!" That would be fantastique!!! Here is his below in French "Société!"

So, how did I "meet" this Mr. Controleur de Bonheur, you might ask?! Well, it's a funny story, really because just several days ago, I spied him on the quai at the gare d'Antony and as he was talking with another person before the train arrived, I had this sneaky suspicion of who he was but I didn't make my move to meet him, as I wasn't certain. Once on the train, I realized more and more that it was him and was really excited at the prospect of riding up to Paris and seeing him "in action!" Well, I had to get off at Bourg la Reine, and no sooner than I did.. but he took out his megaphone speaker and begin his spiel... Oh DRAT, I thought! Missed him!!! Okay, another time. Well, it must have been in my cards/destiny, or what have you to meet this many right away... Because... yesterday... as I was on my way to Paris, I ran into him on the street in the center of town and literally STOPPED dead in my tracks, turned around and ran after him yelling! I caught up with him and asked him if he was indeed the Contrôler de Bonheu and YES-- BINGO... he was!
So... after giving you that nice recount above.... I FINALLY got to meet and speak with this man, Emmanuel ... who has become a celebrity in my eyes... and get to know a little more about him and what he does! Fascinating and very charming, I must say, and I am indeed just thrilled that I made his acquaintance!
So... with no further ado, I present to you, Le Contrôleur de Bonheur.... (drumroll please!) - Mr. Emmanuel A. Here is a link to his blog and I hope that you will check it out, it's in French and if you don't speak French, you can have a look at the pics. For the link to his blog, please click HERE (Le Contôleur de Bonheur). It will explain more what he does!

A pleasure meeting you Emmanuel! A bientôt, j'espère!
All pictures used in the post were taken from The Côntroleur de Bonheur's blog.


Barbara said...

Good morning Leesa,

Your wish came true!
I'am sure that you will be watching for him in the future :)

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

What a lucky meeting. Diane

Leesa said...


Yes!! It MUST have been DESTINY!!!!! I know where he works now, too!!!

Diane-- I'll say!!!

Have a great weekend Barbara and Diane!