May 3, 2010

moo-moo's milkshakes in Oxford

Here's their website: moo-moo's milkshakes

OMG.... is all I can say to this CUTE as a button shop in Oxford. Whoever thought of this brillant idea needs to be applauded!

Mira - here's a perfect shop for you!! An ice cream drink... You can chose from a grand array of add-ins and "build" your own milkshake.

I had milky way and coffee! YUMMMMMMMMM!!! I'm kinda glad we don't have this shop in Paris because if we did, I'd be a cow! hehehehe! Mooooo --- mooooooo!!
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Zaloette said...

Nice moments... at least sweet ones true?? The ones you are having in UK. Best Regards. Antonio (Zaloette)

au soleil levant said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing, looks amazing! I'm enjoying every single one of your photos.

Leesa said...

Hi Antonio
Thanks for your comments! Yes... VERY sweet, to say the least!!! LOVED Oxford!

Mira-- OMG! I wish you were with us... You would have had a delicious milkshake! I'll put more up this week!

Ron said...

Leesa, this is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

Moo-Moo's Milkshakes, how ingenius!

Love the PINK!

We need one of these in Philly!!!



Leesa said...

Hi Ron!

It was ABSOLUTELY adorable AND DELISH!! I wish we had one here in France!!!
Maybe I should open one.. hehehehe!