May 10, 2010

Konny à Paris Creative Tagging- "C'est l'art!"

Spotted in the Latin Quarter yesterday.... I saw Konny in action - painted her stenciled art onto the sidewalk at a busy Paris corner... near Blvd. Saint Germain.

I watched and wondered what it was... so I asked and Konny replied, "A head...."
I watched and waited some more... and saw the end result! WOW!

I have never seen a real artist in action, but it was pretty cool... "Creative Tagging- C'est l'art!"

I had a short chat with Konny, who is from Germany... I hope she visits the blog and sees her art posted here!


Zaloette said...

Nice discovery! Antonio (Zaloette)

The Writing Instinct said...

Leesa, she would be proud to see her work exhibited here. It must have been wonderful to watch the artwork come to life!


PS I will email you soon with details about when we are to stay in Paris. I am really looking forward to meeting you!

Leesa said...

Hola Antonio...

Thanks... It was a cute discovery... right moment, right place! Cheers!


G'day... Thanks for the kind words... I hope she checks out the blog! That would be great!
I just sent off an email to you... Definitely looking forward to meeting you, too!
Have a great week!

Ron said...

Faaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous artist, Leesa!

OMG, I hope she DOES stop by your blog because she'll be honored by your tribute to her!

Hope you're having a great day, my friend!


Notes from Noël said...

Incredible and so talented! I'll have to keep my eyes open for her.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Just beautiful!

PigletinFrance said...

Lovely and such a chance encounter! I hope she does stop by your blog as if you've had the same rain (really heavy) that we've had in lyon your blog there won't be anything left on the pavement?

Leesa said...

Hiya Ron...

I sure HOPE she stops by... I think if you google her now... my post will come up so maybe she'll google herself! I gave her my card and told her to look up my blog.. We'll see!

Philip- Yes.. Super cool!

Noelle-- Keep your eyes peeled...

Hi Piglet en France-- Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting... Welcome!
I think she's okay with the rain b/c she did her art in paint and not chalk... Whew!!